Troy Lee Designs MX 2015 Range Review

Latest MX Releases  |  21 August 2014

Troy Lee Designs MX 2015 Range Review main image

Introducing the first brand to release its 2015 range to Australia Troy Lee Designs has raised the bar once again by offering a complete product range from head to toe in premium gear sets, helmets and protective gear all with Troy Lee’s unique eye catching style.

With the evolution of Seven race gear with James Bubba Stewart a new level of quality and performance has been attained with gear manufactured to cater for intense racing conditions. Increased ventilation and stretch panels create a more generous range of natural motion while keeping the rider cooler in the most extreme conditions.

Adding to the improvements in functionality Troy Lee have continued to offer creative new designs in 2015. Offering the clean cut factory team look Cole Seely and Malcom Stewart from the Lucas Oil Troy Lee Designs Honda Team are renowned for, through to the explosive and colourful patterns for riders who want to stand out from the rest of the pack on and off the bike.   

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Troy Lee Designs 2015 Available now

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