FOX 2015 MX Australian Release Dates

Random Stuff  |  30 July 2014

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The massively anticipated release of the biggest brand in Motocross is destined to hit MXstore shelves in the next few weeks.

With an ever increasing catalogue FOX could comfortably hide behind their name and simply produce a range of new colours for 2015. But in reality to be the biggest you need to be at the cutting edge and FOX have gone hard at improving their range over a number of categories yet again.

The two standouts have been completely overhauling their high end helmet offering and also created an entirely new boot, proving that FOX is committed to producing quality racewear and motocross protective gear from head to toe.

We will take a closer look at all of the technical information of what’s new with FOX helmets soon, but we can say now that some major improvements have been made with the EPS liner for the V3 and V4. The introduction of MIPS is an improved absorption system for a wider range of crash scenarios, and a completely new outer shell for the V3 proves FOX have gone to great lengths to improve rider safety in 2015.

The exciting news for your feet is the introduction of the Comp 8 boot, finally a step in between the Instinct and the Comp 5 for people who ride more regularly than the average weekend warrior, but aren’t ready to spend the big bucks on a set of Instincts.

On top of these improvements to their range FOX has an entirely new catalogue of colours and styles which have been run by the top two riders in the AMA nationals right now by Kenny Roczen and Ryan Dungey aboard their Red Bull KTM’s.

Stay tuned to MXstore and we will keep you posted on everything happening with FOX 2015 including Australian release dates coming very soon!



Ken Roczen

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