OGIO 2015 Range Review

Latest MX Releases  |  31 August 2014

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The old saying “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” has truly been applicable for OGIO in recent years producing one of the most popular MX gear bags on the planet There is an OGIO bag appealing to everyone, for any occasion and with any budget.

But if you want to stay at the top of the food chain you need to be constantly improving, if you aren’t moving forward you are moving backwards and 2015 has seen the remake of every single moto gear bag apart from the immensely famous Rig 9800.

OGIO Rig 9800 Motocross Gear Bag:

The beloved 9800 is back for 2015 with six all new colours which range from the bright and vibrant flavours we have all come to know and love, through to a subtle “Mossy Oak” colour for people who don’t want to stand out like a red pair of jocks at a running of the bulls event in Spain.

The seventh colour in the 9800 range is the carry over “Stealth Black” all with their patented SLED base and more pockets than a set of cargo shorts.

OGIO Adrenaline Motocross Gear Bag:

The ultimate wheeled gear bag for riders on a budget, Adrenaline is made up of most of the key features of the 9800 but with a price tag which won’t send you broke.

Adrenaline’s key features include an EVA molded goggle/personal items pocket, Zip away divider for wet/dry compartment option. Two stage trolley handle and reinforced replaceable wheels. Helmet divider/change mat and a stack of internal pockets/mesh compartments to give all of your items a home while on the road. An ABS moulded tub for superior structural strength cradles the fabric upper section of the bag which has an easy clean Eco friendly PVC liner to make keeping your bag clean easier.

OGIO Shock Motocross Gear Bag:

The winning features of their more expensive bags are being rolled down throughout the collection in 2015 with the Shock bag also receiving the two stage trolley handle and reinforced replaceable wheels.

The absence of the external SLED or Tub of the other models results in a much lighter dry weight which is an advantage when trying to cut weight down on flights. The base of the bag is reinforced for strength and the overall capacity of the bag is very generous allowing room for an entire set of motocross gear including helmet and boots when packed correctly!

OGIO Slayer Motocross Gear Bag:

The Slayer is a lot of OGIO bag for a low price, a carry along model makes the dry weight of this bag less than some backpacks. Large top opening and main compartment with separate sections for smaller items such as goggles, lenses and gloves. Reinforced padded fabric keeps your gear safe and a detachable padded shoulder strap ensures comfort when getting your gear from point A to point B.

A separate boot compartment protects your gear from being smashed by your boots or dirty gear and just like the rest of the OGIO 2015 range there are colours to suit every personality.

For more information on the 2015 Ogio range dont hesitate to contact the friendly customer service team at MXstore!


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