Fly 2015 Range Review

Latest MX Releases  |  24 August 2014

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This is attributed to their unique approach to sponsorship and rider support, but with the likes of Trey Canard on their team, Fly racing are showing they are a force to be reckoned with in 2015!

Once you take note of the logo you will see it popping up everywhere as Fly racing not only cover a wide variety of genres and sports. But their entire catalogue covers a wide range of categories proving they are more than just another motocross gear brand!

As well as producing your standard range of motocross gear and MX protective gear, Fly racing also produce Motocross Helmets, MX boots and even Bike parts like handlebars and accessories!

In motocross gear MXstore’s pick for 2015 is the F-16 racewear. Bold colourful designs, race focused fit and durable construction are everything a rider needs minus the high cost!

MXstore is proud to announce Fly racing is now added to our brand offering and we now have the 2015 range in stock! Click the image below to see our Fly 2015 offering or visit the contact us page on the website to book a time with our customer service team to view the range instore.


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