Alpinestars 2015 Range Review

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Alpinestars is known worldwide for producing the highest quality gear from their selection of road safety gear through to dominating the high end boot market in motocross for decades.

Considering the level of quality Alpinestars have attained through their entire product range, the pricing structure has been kept modest with their entry point Racer gear comparable to or cheaper than other major brands on the market.

In the premium gear range the Techstar motocross gear sets have been constructed to handle the most demanding conditions.

Lightweight motocross jerseys with mesh panels incorporated into the arms and torso, pre curved sleeves and stretch inserts make the Techstar motocross jersey the preferred choice for riders like Justin Barcia and Jeffrey Herlings.

The Techstar motocross pant continues to set the industry standard with a superior fusion of technical performance, durability and premium comfort features. Patented innovative design elements such as the Babel knee design and a Vector back panel provide unsurpassed comfort and mobility.

In addition to the adult motocross gear range Alpinestars have produced motocross gear for kids! They have shrunk the styles down of the racer gear for the grommets and kept the pricing down to keep mum and dad from going bankrupt!

Alpinestars 2015 have also upped their glove program with both price point and premium ranges with all new colours and styling!

The introduction of the new Tech 5 boot has been the topic of conversation for the motocross community as the Tech 5 is a price point slightly above the Tech 3 but has all of the characteristics of the more expensive Tech 7. Keep an eye out for an in depth look at the Tech 5 soon at MXstore!

MXstore is proud to announce that we are one of the biggest stockists of 2015 Alpinestars motocross gear in Australia. If you are looking at premium gear but want something different for 2015, check out Alpinestars MX gear available now at MXstore.





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