Why Wear a Motocross Kidney Belt

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A kidney belt is a piece of motocross safety gear which has been used by riders probably since soon after the creation of the sport, but for a piece of Dirt Bike Protective Gear which has been around for so long we are surprised at the number of people who either don’t wear one or have no idea what purpose they serve!

At MXstore we are big believers in motocross safety and we feel it is our responsibility to educate people particularly when it comes to being protected while enjoying this amazing sport of ours so read on to learn more about your kidneys and how to keep them safe while tearing up the track.

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Where are my kidneys located?

We are born with two kidneys which are located in the middle of your back, below the bottom of your rib cage sitting on each side of your spine. Kidney beans are named so because they are the same shape but your kidneys are about the size of your fist.

Your kidneys are imbedded in a mass of fatty tissue but are not protected by any kind of exoskeleton. They are light weight organs but up to a third of total cardiac output can pass through the renal arteries to be filtered by the kidneys, in other words your kidneys are connected to your arteries but have very little protection!

What is the purpose of my kidneys?

The kidneys require such a large amount of blood in order to perform the following functions and regulate the following levels in your body:

  • Calcium
  • Ions
  • Steady the levels of acid/base in your blood
  • Help maintain blood pressure
  • Support the production of red blood cells
  • Control the make-up of your blood
  • Maintain the volume of water in your body
  • Excrete waste from the body through urine


What effect does motocross riding have on your kidneys?

A kidney belt does more than just protect the organs in your lower back, the lumbosacral spine (the lowest part of your back) is subject to repeated bouncing and jerking motions during every single lap of a motocross track.

The results of excessive exposure to these types of forces can result in:

  • Nerve compression
  • Irritation and inflammation
  • Stiffness
  • Sharp pain
  • Radiating pain to your glutes, hips, thigh and leg muscles


Any time you are riding in pain is going to affect your performance, if you are racing it could mean the difference in winning or losing and if you are a recreational rider the early onset of pain and fatigue can put a downer on your ride day. Whatever level you are at, lower back pain is something nobody wants to encounter!

Protection for your kidneys:

Your kidneys have no exoskeleton protecting them, they are not connected to any strong structure but nestled inside fatty tissue which means when your body is being bounced around a motocross track, so are your kidneys.

Prolonged exposure to these kinds of forces will result in pain and tenderness and even blood in your urine. During a crash they are susceptible to impacts from handlebars or other objects, even making contact with another rider during a race can result in a damaging blow to your organs.

A direct blow to the kidneys can cause them to rupture, a serious rupture will result in rapid internal bleeding as the blood supply to a kidney is artery driven so abdominal pain after a crash should be taken seriously and monitored closely by medical professionals.

Justin Barcia Kidney belt

How does a motocross kidney belt protect me?

The two key functions of a kidney belt are to help keep your kidneys and other organs protected from impacts and reduce the amount of movement your kidneys encounter when riding whilst stabilising the lower part of your back.

What is a motocross kidney belt made from?

Motocross kidney belts are usually made from a breathable elastic fabric fastened by Velcro usually at the front or sides. They are thicker at the back with extra padding for your kidneys and thinner at the front to not disrupt a riders’ normal breathing pattern.

How should a motocross kidney belt fit me?

Most motocross kidney belts follow a similar sizing structure as motocross pants falling into an inch measurement system, kidney belts contain a lot of elastic though and most adults will fit into one or two sizing options.

When purchasing a kidney belt ensure you can secure the belt firmly but make sure it is not so tight that it restricts your breathing. A kidney belt should sit around your lower back in between the bottom of your rib cage and the top of your hips.

Kidney belts are either a single item or can be part of either a Back Protector or complete Body Armour pressure suit which provides protection for most of your upper torso!

Check out the range of kidney belts at MXstore:

If you have any further questions regarding kidney belts or motocross protective gear don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at MXstore

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A recent test in 2019 by the biometrics unit with NASA showed that if you perform sports or occupations which involve - G or 'slamming' where the human body is continuously slammed down, it is HIGHLY RECOMMEMDED the utilisation of a Kidney belt so as to hold and compress the torso providing a stronger centre core. The belts can prevent up to 70% motional damage movement where it only requires 15% for serious kidney damage to occure. Over a 30min ride performing just 50 x neg G compressions without a belt can actually cause serious kidney failure should the rider be even slighty dehydrated! The over extentioning and heavy agitiation of a motocross riders kidneys in the body when unsecured by something as simple as a kidney belt can also cause rupturing, similar to splenic rupture which is caused by a direct blow to the abdomen, side, or mid-to-low back which causes damage or a tear to the organ. The same has been recorded for drivers of desert or rallys or 'monster trucks' where the vehicle performs jumps that involve heavy downwards compressional landings. NASAs latest testing showed that a tight fitting kidney belt for as little as $25 can actually prevent kidney damage up to 70% AND increase strengthing of the lower back and lower spine of up to 50%, a small amount to pay for such a major level in body protection and now a MUST for such riders of motocross bikes and heavy landing type drivers all over the world!

Jody on 20 November 2020


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