How to: Wash Your Motocross Helmet

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Your helmet is the most expensive and important piece of equipment in your Motocross Gear Bag, which is why it's incredibly important to undertake regular helmet care and maintenance to ensure it continues to protect you like it should, as well as extending its length of use.

How to clean your motocross helmet liner

Sweat is the natural-born enemy of fabric, foam and leather. Over time unwashed fabric which has been subjected to human sweat will become stiff, brittle and eventually deteriorates. If you've ever put your head inside an old motocross helmet and the cheek pads are rough and scratchy on your face, then this is a key sign of a lack of regular cleaning!

To avoid this, you must wash your helmet liner after every ride, and it's a super simple process.

Almost every helmet on the market today has a removable liner which is clipped in with press studs, magnets or other easy to remove clips. On our own helmet, we simply remove the liner, put inside a laundry garment bag and wash it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with the rest of our gear.

Ensure you take it easy when removing your helmet liner - most are a delicate piece of material which clips into your internal shell, and all too often people try to yank these out with excessive force which then damages the liner or breaks its fixtures. Take care of your liner - it's there to offer comfort and protection for your head.

Some helmet liners are more delicate than others so we recommend hand washing it in warm soapy water. Use a gentle detergent with no harsh chemicals like oxyaction, and allow them to air dry in a warm place out of the sun.

Muddy dirt bike helmet

How to clean your dirt bike helmet

If the outside of the helmet is heavily soiled, we recommend hosing it down first to soak the majority of the mud away. Once the bulk of the dirt is gone, wash the helmet with soapy warm water and a sponge. Be careful when washing dirt and grime off your helmet, as scrubbing this into the helmet can scratch the paint job, and ensure you don't use any aggressive cleaning agents.

Removing the helmet peak will also make it easier to get the helmet clean, and don’t forget to wash your helmet straps too as they get filthy over time.

Now that your helmet is clean take the time to inspect it for chips, scratches, cracks and damage. Even a small crash can damage your helmet enough to compromise its ability to keep you safe so keep your eyes peeled. You can learn more about when to replace your dirt bike helmet here:

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