How The AC Breathing System Works For Motocross

How-To Guides & Tutorials  |  13 August 2020

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You've probably seen your favourite motocross riders on Instagram or at the races wearing a band across their nose, and you'll find that that band is the Intake Breathing system. We cover the ins and outs of the unique nose strip in this article.

What is the Intake Breathing system? 
The Intake Breathing system, previously known as the AC system, is a plastic nasal strip that fits to your nose via a pair of adhesive magnets, promoting easier and greater breathing capacity. 

The latest iteration of the system was introduced to motocross in 2018, and is worn by some of the world's best motocross and supercross riders, including Cooper Webb, Romain Febvre, and Glenn Coldenhoff to name a few.

What does it do? 
Via the nasal strip and magnet stickers that are stuck to the side of your nose using an applicator, the Intake Breathing lifts the nostrils and opens up your nasal passages, allowing you to breathe more easily while also maximising the volume of oxygen going into your body. 

There are many benefits of breathing through your nose with the Intake band, as it increases circulation and lung capacity, all while slowing down your breathing rate.

We all know just tough racing motocross and enduro is, and breathing plays a really important in role in lasting the duration of the race, and this is where the band comes in - it essentially allows our body to work more efficiently and push harder for longer.

Who is it for?
Any motocross or enduro rider can benefit from the Intake Breathing system, however it's particularly beneficial for riders who have a difficulty breathing through their nose or have congested airways. 

The Intake Breathing system isn't just for riding dirt bikes either - it can be used for all your training, whether that be in the gym or on the cycle bike, plus it can also be used while your sleeping to aid snoring.

Is it just a gimmick?
There are lots of gimmicks that come through motocross, but this is definitely not one of them. We've had first-hand experience riding and racing with the Intake band, and noticed a positive difference in nasal breathing from the very first time we used it, which is why we use it every we swing a leg over the bike for a moto.

Does it suit all motocross goggles?
The Intake Breathing system doesn't attach to your goggles, although you may find that the foam of your goggles will sit on top of the band - this isn't unusual, and in some cases, you may find you'll need to move the band and the magnets further back on your nose.   

It will take some to get used to, and you may need to play around with the positioning of the magnets, although our experience using the Intake System is that they work on a various range of MX goggles without a problem.

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