When to Replace your Dirt Bike Boots

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Four ways to tell if your dirt bike boots need replacing.

Motocross boots are one of the most important pieces of protective equipment that we need to be wearing off-road out on the tracks and trails.

Whether you race competitively or simply ride for fun with your friends a good quality set of boots are needed to protect your lower leg, ankle joint, toe cap and feet. Motocross, enduro, flat track, trials and dual sport riders all benefit from a decent set of boots on their footpegs

There are always motorcycle boots to fit your style, calf sizes, and budget, from an entry-level boot with basic ankle protection through to the high-end impact protection of the top of the line range. A solid set of boots are an investment in your safety and well being. 

Some of the most popular dirt bike boots ranges are Alpinestars tech from Tech 3 to Tech 7 and Tech 10, Gaerne SG12 series, Fox Racing Instinct boots, Sidi Crossfire 2, Oneal Rider Boots. While a lot of us want to get the most out of our boots, there are four key signs that indicate it’s time to upgrade and replace them.

Worn out soles:
Worn-out boot rubber soles are the most obvious and common way to gauge if your boots need replacing.
Generally, a worn-out boot sole will reach past the first layer of rubber, and there will be an obvious hole where you usually stand on the pegs.

There are a selection of boot brands who offer replacement soles for their range such as Sidi and Alpinestars, which is an affordable way to breathe new life into your boots and extend their life.

External damage:
Now external damage is a pretty obvious one when it comes to identifying if your boots need replacing, but it can also be something that creeps up on you.

Holes can start to wear through on the inside of the boots, while dirt, debris, and even a crash could potentially cause damage to different parts of the boot.

It’s always best to inspect your boots after cleaning them to check for any damage that could have occurred while out riding.

Checking the condition of the inner insole bootie, buckle system, heat shield, toe box, shin plate, and hinge system are also parts that show signs of aging and wear and tear. Even many road boots with alloy buckles have replaceable soles and parts to keep them in good condition.

If your boots are looking worse for wear and are quite discoloured, especially the leather component of your boot, then it’s time to replace them.

The discolouration is a strong indicator that the materials of your boots have been weakened, and that could prevent them from providing the protection they once offered.

Discolouration can come as a result of poor cleaning, although it’s usually a result of a pair of boots that have been well used.

Poor fitment:
You may also find your MX boots don’t have a nice and firm fit, which can also include signs of the any of the above points.

Dirt Bike boots are designed to be a snug fit to offer you maximum protection, so if you find your feet and ankle moving around inside your boots (even after tightening the buckles), it could be an indicator that’s time for a fresh set.

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