How Old Do You Have To Be To Ride a Dirt Bike?

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Deciding when to introduce your kid to riding motocross isn't as straightforward as them reaching a certain age, as there are a number of factors and indicators that should determine when they're riding career can take off. 

In this guide, we look at everything you need to consider before putting your little one in control of a motocross bike.

General dirt bike riding age for kids: 
Depending on where you live in Australia, the minimum age to ride a dirt bike at a Motorcycling Australia event or venue is four years, and this age is generally a good time to start thinking about introducing your child to the world of dirt bikes. 

Every kid is different, so it's always important to ensure they're ready to make the step to begin motocross and their competency riding is at an adequate level. There are a number of ways to get a gauge on if your little grom is ready to get started. 

Remember, this is just a general guide and it's ultimately up to you as a parent to determine if your kid is prepared and competent to commence dirt bike riding. 

How to gauge if your kid is ready to start riding dirt bikes:
One of the best ways to gauge if your kid is ready to start motocross is if they are competent riding a bicycle without training wheels. If they can comfortably and confidently ride a bicycle, then that's a strong indicator that they're ready to make the step into the dirt bike world. 

A popular way many young motocross riders have started is by using a balance bike at an even younger age, before stepping up to a bicycle with training wheels, followed by taking the training wheels off. 

Getting your child confident and competent on a bicycle will teach them important skills such as balance and coordination, as well as understanding the basics of speed and braking. 

If your child isn't confident and competent on a bicycle, then the chances are strong that they won't be able to safely handle a dirt bike.

What is the best dirt bike for kids to start riding on? 
The best type of bike for young kids, particularly ages between 4-7 years of age, is a 50cc dirt bike. The number one bike that almost every motocross and enduro rider started on is the ever-popular Yamaha PW50, which is one of the safest bikes for kids that has the ability to close off the throttle, as well as the ability to install training wheels. 

These two key features will make the transition from bicycle to a kids dirt bike much more safe and enjoyable for your kid. 

Alternatives are the KTM SX 50 Mini, Husqvarna TC 50 Mini, Honda CRF50R, and most 50cc dirt bikes of a similar nature, while electric dirt bikes are another suitable option.

Where is the best place for kids to start riding?
The best and safest place for your kid to learn how to ride a dirt bike is your local motocross club or ride park, which will generally have a dedicated 50cc track that has an easy and safe track layout.

Alternatively, a flat paddock, if you have access to one, will do the job (especially if it's their first time!), providing a safe and comfortable space your kid to get the hang of riding dirt bikes.

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