Tips On Applying New Dirt Bike Grips!

Tips On Applying New Dirt Bike Grips! main image

We dont know a single person who hasnt struggled changing a set of motocross grips on their dirt bike before. Either struggling to get the dirt bike hand grips on the bars in the first place, or getting them on only to have two throttle grips with them both spinning! We have put together this quick guide on How to Install Dirt Bike Grips to make life easier for you.

Make Your Grips Stick!

Firstly to ensure the grip remains stuck to the bar you should be using a moto specific grip glue and lock wire. The glue acts as a lubricant when applying mx grips and then being glue will dry and be an adhesive between the grip and the bar. Helping it along with some lock wire will ensure moisture doesnt enter the grip on muddy days or when using a pressure washer to clean your bike. See the video below for a how to on adding lockwire to your grips:


On Track Tip - To Install Dirt Bike Grips Without Glue:


If you happen to be stuck without grip glue and still want to change a set, you can always use an aerosol spray contact cleaner as the lubricant. Spray a small amount inside the grip before sliding it onto the bar will make them slip on easily and will dry with a non greasy residue. Dont forget your lockwire!

ODI Lock-On Grips:

Another breakthrough in technology has lead to the creation of the Jeff Emig ODI Lock-On motocross grip. With a set of these bad boys the days of grip glue and lockwire are gone. A simplistic design of a throttle tube and clutch side sleeve with a set of grips pre fixed allows the rider to replace the throttle tube and clamp on a set of grips far quicker than even the best AMA mechanics could swap out a single ply set.

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