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Bike Builds  |  15 May 2022

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Introducing our project 2022 CRF450R

For 2021 the Honda CRF450R received a major overhaul so for 2022 it was only slightly refined with minor updates and changes. This is the same bike Factory Honda HRC riders Ken Roczen and Chase Sexton ride in the American Supercross and Pro Motocross. Just like many of you, we don't leave our bikes standard so this CRF was quick to get some much-needed upgrades.


Firstly to let the bike breathe better we installed a Pro Circuit Ti-6 Pro exhaust system paired with a TwinAir high flow air filter. An exhaust system is one of the most popular upgrades on any dirt bike. An internal combustion engine is complex with many moving parts however, more air in and more air out generally means a bigger "bang" leaving you with more POWER!


To help the bike handle its best and suit rider weight and capabilities, we had Charlie from Costanzo Racing Tuned set up the forks and shock with correct spring rates and dampening along with SKF low friction seals! (Check out the trick anodizing on the rear shock spring)


Next, we installed a variety of Works Connection parts ready for racing and protection. This included a pro launch holeshot device to keep the front end on the ground during a race start on the big 450, Radiator Guards and rotating bar clamps to save the radiators and levers in the event of a crash or tip over, elite axle blocks to help with rear wheel alignment and an hour meter to make keeping on top of maintenance a breeze.


The rider cockpit remained mostly untouched however, we added Renthal Kevlar grips and upgraded to Ballard's Titanium Footpegs. The standard grips are quite firm and you just can't beat the sharp, light and grippy footpegs from Ballard's. The new Honda's come out standard with Renthal Fatbars so unless we didn't like the bend there was no real reason to upgrade.


The chain and sprockets were upgraded to Ballard's sprockets (gearing unchanged) and an EK Heavy Duty X-ring chain to ensure we get the most out of the drive chain while also looking the part with the black and gold combo! The standard chain and sprockets seem to wear out quickly, so this upgraded version will outperform and outlast. We also installed black Bolt Sprocket Bolts to keep it looking fresh!


After a few hours of riding the original clutch cover was looking a little worse for wear and really impacted the look of the bike, so a Hinson Cluth cover was essential in bringing the look of the bike back to life. The Hinson Clutch covers are scratch resistant so the cover will still look as good in many rides to come.


Currently, the bike is running a complete red Polisport plastics kit with a NineTwo Decals retro graphics kit and Strike Seats seat cover. The all red seat with black ribs really makes the bike pop with the rubs saving your ass from sliding back with the insane torque levels these new 450s produce! Handy tip, remove the original plastics from the bike when new so when it comes time to sell the bike looks brand new again! The retro graphics kit really gives this new Honda the look we were after and we think it turned out insane! 

More to come:

As always the modifications never stop so next on the list for the 22 CRF450R include, a wheelset, triple clamps, clutch and brake levers, some P3 carbon bits and more so keep your eyes peeled for part 2 of the build coming soon...

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