Ballards Offroad and MXstore Have Joined Forces

Ballard's Offroad  |  1 April 2016

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Ballards and MXstore have joined forces


For almost 30 years the name Ballard’s has been synonymous with Australian Dirt Bike riding and been a household name for many off road enthusiasts all over the world.

If you are familiar with the name you will be aware that there have been some changes at Ballard’s Offroad this year. We can now reveal an exciting new partnership between the iconic Ballard’s Offroad and Australia’s fastest growing Online Retailer MXstore has formed which will ensure the name Ballard’s will continue well into the future.

This joining of forces offers huge opportunities for both Ballard’s and MXstore. The goal being to hold fast to the quirky and unmistakable Ballard’s characteristics while tipping in some technology to help bring the Ballard’s brand to more Australian people than ever before.

As we go to press the gargantuan task of packing up a business of over 25 years and moving it to MXstore on the Gold Coast is taking place. A dedicated Ballard’s department will exist on the MXstore website and at the MXstore Gold Coast showroom. All of which will be just like the original Ballard's store in Penrith, right down to Glen Bell’s Thumper Nats XR, just a bit more organised!

As to be expected there is a huge amount of work to be done and everyone is working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible and minimizing any delays that might occur with orders. It is going to take a few weeks for the roll-out to be complete, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Watch this space as we will be keeping everyone in the loop as we progress, but here’s where things stand right now.

Customers can still call the same Ballard's number to order - 02 4731 1210.

From today Friday 01/04/2016 there will no longer be any over the counter sales at the store in Penrith as all the stock is in the process of being shipped to our new Gold Coast location.

Once Ballard’s is fully operating out of the Gold Coast location you will still be able to speak to a Ballard’s staff member.

For our customers this means Ballard’s will be rolling out more product, all of which will be available online and in-store through MXstore. The Ballard’s brand will continue to grow with an ever increasing product range that Geoff Ballard will personally be sourcing and there is a new Ballard’s catalogue in the works which will contain all of the classic Ballard’s humour we all love which we hope to have out for the end of the year.

Watch this space as reveal more exciting updates as things progress and we appreciate your patience during this transition period.


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All i can see is a great improvement on the range of parts available and backup with phone service or email. This service is staffed by helpful knowledgeable people, i know i have had to use these people, problem fixed there and then from my home,didnt need to go to the shop! Quality parts at reasonable price. I will be purchasing most of my dirt bike needs from MX Store. Try this store you wont be dissapointed not to mention free shipping .

Gary White on 23 August 2022
Wow thank you so much Gary! This is awesome to hear and we are stoked to hear of your awesome experiences with us. We will continue to strive to better the customer experience, we hope to see you soon and thanks again!
MXstore Response

Thank you

I'm getting back into dirt bikes after a 20 year absence - family, house etc... I've dealt with MXstore and can't fault them. The variety, service and costs are excellent. It's convenience I'm after and that saves me time for riding. Change can be difficult to accept for guys used to a local store, but in this case it's great - and Geoff might even be enjoying the break! Thanks guys, all the best. Matt.

1 May 2017

Billet choke butterfly for XR650R

Thought Ballards had a billet choke butterfly for XR650R, can't see it anymore?

25 December 2016

Hi-there, Thanks for contacting us! We have these which suit an XR 600: I can see we have had one to suit a 650 in the past but not for some time now. To enquire about the possibility of ordering one in please contact us on 07 5535 7998 or contact us.

MXstore Response

Good News!

As long as you have freight free for both ( Ballard's/ ) I don't see a problem, Merry Xmas

16 December 2016
Hi There, Yes we certainly do! MXstore offers free standard shipping Australia wide on all orders over $20 :)
MXstore Response


Ballards was a brilliant. MXstore is rubbish. Wish this never happened.

10 October 2016
It would be interesting to know why you're unhappy with MXstore - we are always looking to improve.
MXstore Response

no good

Cant even find a steering damper on mxstore, like the old ballards, sorry.

15 September 2016
It something we are looking to stock more of, but we have some supply issues to overcome; do a search for "Steering Damper" to see the few we do stock.
MXstore Response

Corporate greed

You have lost my business Ballards. What about all your loyal Sydney based customers who like to shop face to face.

11 August 2016
While Ballards may have lost their Penrith presence, we now offer 7 days phone and email support to all of Australia and the world. If you'd still like to see knowledgeable staff in the raw, come up to the Gold Coast - it's a great place to visit (even GB's made the move North and is loving it).
MXstore Response

Great news

I have been buying from Ballards for over 20 years and mx store for the last couple of years. Now they are both under the same roof and in my local area they will be a one stop shop for all my dirt bike needs.

26 May 2016

Joint venture

More variety in the mxstore catalogue & new products on the way sounds like a winner!

28 April 2016

Great combination

I'm a long term customer of Ballard's and a more recent MXStore customer. Is see this as a powerful combination.

8 April 2016

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